DKNY watch

...A fashionable sense of time ... ultra-sleek DKNY watch from Donna Karan New York is elegant and understated. Slender contemporary lines are presented in brushed and polished steel. Fully integrated bezel frames the vibrant blue dial with silver colored hands and baton quarter hour markers.

DKNY watches - What features affect the cost? There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a DKNY watch. The movement finish, case materials, crystal type, and bracelet type are just a few.

Specially made movements are finished with tremendous care. Steel components are polished, bridges are decorated, and very strict tests are done to ensure the high quality you'd expect in the highest quality DKNY watches.

Whether a pocket watch, training watch, lady or man wrist watch, the back of the case will usually tell you what it's made out of. Obviously gold-plated, gold-filled, or other precious metal finishings command the highest prices. Stainless steel is the most widely used, especially for a sports watch or dive watch, while the cheapest cases are made out of plastic or resin.

The cover of the watch dial is clear, which means a number of options exist to make it. The highest quality crystals are made of sturdy, synthetic sapphire, with mineral glass another high-quality choice. Plastics are often used in lower-end watches.

The bracelet type, or strap of the DKNY watch comes in a variety of materials. Plastic and rubber is usually used in lower-end watches or sporty watches, while leather or metal bracelets are used for higher-end watches. Leather varies in price, depending what kind of exotic skin it may be. Similarly, metal prices vary, depending on the type, from stainless steel, to titanium.


DKNY watch


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